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Aquaforest Reef Salt 25kg

The 25kg box of Aquaforest Reef Salt, is a clever blend of mineral and elements such as magnesium, calcium. sodium and potassium.


AquaForest is a new aquarium company out of Poland which is taking the reef world by storm. Going from a little known outfit a couple years ago to being on the shelves of fish stores all over the world, there’s something special about AquaForest which makes us believe this company will be around for a long time to come.

One of the biggest guiding philosophies within AquaForest is a strong emphasis on probiotics. Probiotics is a buzzword that is being tossed around with huge disregard for what it actually means; kind of like ‘Amino Acids’ which could mean anything, and even the skin flaking off your body is technically ‘pro-biotic’. However AquaForest claims that they have a specific strain of bacteria incorporated into many of their products. AquaForest additives and medias encourage this bacteria and others like it to grow and colonize our aquariums to its full potential.