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Marine Additives

Aquaforest Pro Bio S 50ml

Aquaforest Pro Bio S 50ml

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Aquaforest Pro Bio S

Aquaforest Pro Bio S Highly concentrated probiotic bacteria. The supplement contains several specially selected bacteria strains. The key function is to transform phosphate and nitrates to a biomass which can be easily removed by the skimmer or consumed by corals, sponges, clams and other organisms. Bacteria will significantly reduce organic sediment accumulating in the substrate & aquascaping elements. To achieve better results, its recommended to place in the sump an additional bacteria medium like Life Bio Fill or sand.

Pro-Bio S protects your tank against pathogenic organisms. Recommended to use in conjunction with NP Pro or Pro Bio F

Dosage: 1 drop per 100 litres (27 US gal) daily.

Aquaforest Pro Bio S

A unique composition of specially selected probiotic bacterial strains designed to accelerate the decomposition of organic matter. Decomposes toxic substances for fish and by releasing macro and micronutrients increases their availability. Pro-Bio S is especially recommended for large, demanding and heavily stocked tanks. Bacteria present in Pro Bio S initiate the process of reducing harmful nitrates and phosphates, which are later removed from the water by a protein skimmer. Pro-Bio S creates a natural biological filter, hindering the development of pathogenic microflora. The use of probiotic bacteria significantly reduces the risk of diseases of aquarium inhabitants and increases their resistance to stress. Bacteria are also a great source of bacterioplankton the most important coral food. In order to keep the probiotic bacteria in good condition, we recommend using -NP Pro as a nutrient solution. A natural precipitate may form on the surface of the product. This has no effect on the quality and effect of the product.

Shake well before use.

Once opened store it in the fridge If the temperature in your room is not higher than 24 Celsius degrees you can keep it in the room, not in the fridge.

Capacity: bottle of 10ml( 0.35 fl.oz.), 50ml( 1.7 fl.oz.).

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