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Focustronic is a highly innovative company that specialize in reef aquarium products which was founded by Eric Tang.  Focustronic started off with a dynamic LED lighting product which we derived from our mother company which focuses in architectural lighting for the hospitality market.  Focustronic took the moving light source concept and combined with LED reef lighting technology and successfully developed and patented our first dynamic light source reef lighting fixture.  The principles behind a LED reef lighting with dynamic light source are that we try to mimic the movement of the Sun relative to a section of the reef (our closed reef system) with a varied lighting angle throughout the day.  This not only will promote a natural growth pattern but also direct light where is most needed based on the tank’s design.  Another fundamental benefit of a moving light source is that the “hotspot” will no longer be a problem from LED fixtures because it transforms into multiple “sweetspots”.  In conventional LED fixtures, users are not utilizing a good portion of their fixture due to hotspots and bleaching of their corals until fixed high intensity levels.  Focustronic has been granted invention patents from major counties such as USA/UK/HK/EU and pending for China.