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Juwel AquaHeat 100w
Juwel AquaHeat 200w
Juwel AquaHeat 300w
Juwel AquaHeat 50w
Juwel Digital Thermometer 2.0


biOrb Digital thermometer
Fluval EDGE Thermometer
JBL CoolControl
JBL Cooler 100
JBL Cooler 200
JBL Cooler 300
JBL ProTemp b10
JBL ProTemp b20
JBL ProTemp b40 II
JBL ProTemp b60 II
JBL ProTemp S 100
JBL ProTemp S 150
JBL ProTemp S 200
JBL ProTemp S 25
JBL ProTemp S 300
JBL ProTemp S 50
When it comes to managing the temperature of your aquarium fish tank, it is one of the most important things to keep your fish healthy. 
Fish do not create their heat source and instead rely on the water around them, that is why have a heater in a tropical aquarium fish tank is crucial as it will help stimulate their natural habitat. 
There are 4 main types of heaters these are immersible heaters, submersible heaters, substrate heaters and filter heaters.
When looking for a heater for your tank it is important to spend a little bit of time to find the one that is most suitable for your aquarium fish tank.
Sometimes, when your aquarium fish tank gets too warm you might want to look at a cooler, this will help stop your fish from getting too hot. 
We have a wide range of both heaters and coolers from some of the top leading brands such as Aqua one, D-D, Fluval, JBL, Juwel, Marina and Oase biOrb