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Freshwater Additives

King British Filter Aid + (Safe Water) 100ml

King British Filter Aid + (Safe Water) 100ml

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King British Filter Aid + (Safe Water) 100ml

King British Filter Aid+ is an easy-to-use water treatment to establish or boost your tank's biological filter and remove harmful substances produced by uneaten fish food, fish waste and decomposing plant debris.

King British Filter Aid+ contains four types of natural nitrifying bacteria which convert excess ammonia and nitrite into harmless nitrate, which can then be easily removed through regular water changes or absorbed by live plants in the aquarium. Bacillus bacteria break down organic matter resting in the filter and below the substrate in the aquarium, which can then be further broken down by the nitrifying bacteria. The removal of these substances by specialised bacteria is known as the 'biological filter and is essential for a healthy, balanced aquarium.

Captive fish live in a completely closed environment and are entirely dependent on their surrounding water. This means they are reliant on us to maintain their water quality at a suitable level for them to be able to live healthy, happy lives.

When to use King British Filter Aid+:
¢ Setting up a new aquarium
¢ Once a week to improve water quality
¢ Following partial water changes
¢ To boost filtration following the use of aquatic medicines

King British Filter Aid+ is harmless to fish, plants, pets and wildlife.

Suitable for use in cold water, tropical and marine aquariums.

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