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JBL Led Solar Natur 24w 549mm

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Maximum light efficiency for beautiful aquatic plants: extremely high photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) of more than 220 µM/s/m2
  • Plug & play: clip light in tube holder or set it up, connect cable, switch on or dim via remote control and select one of 3 light colours
  • Evenly distributed warm white and cool white LEDs for a biotope-compatible light climate, 2 channels with 3 preset light colours: 2700 K (warm white), 4000 K (daylight white), 6700 K (cool white)
  • You can extend the features by using your smartphone to include preset biotope-compatible or individual light controls and the JBL LED SOLAR EFFECT RGB light for special colour effects
  • Contains: water-protected light (IP67), remote control, driver (receiver), power supply unit, con. cable, holding brackets for top assembly & end caps f. installation in tube sockets (T5&T8). Guarantee: 2 years (+2 years upon registration of product)
But the light spectrum of aquatic plants varies considerably from the spectrums found in our household or torch LEDs. We are talking here about the photosynthetically active radiation range of the light, called PAR, and a full spectrum which covers ALL the spectral ranges of the visible light spectrum. Only by combining these two components can we achieve the perfect light for aquarium plants! The special features of the new JBL LED SOLAR lights:
The JBL LED SOLAR lights are suitable as replacements for ALL fluorescent tube lengths. Along with the light itself, the standard JBL SOLAR NATUR includes a remote control unit for simple and professional operation. The IR remote control means several JBL LED SOLAR systems can be operated simultaneously, as the frequency of the IR receivers is identical. If you don't want this, simply move the receivers further away from each other. Then you'll be able to operate each LED unit individually with the same remote control. Marine water: The JBL LED SOLAR NATUR was originally developed for freshwater aquariums, but has also proved very popular with marine aquarists, as almost all cultivated corals come from shallow waters where they receive full sunlight. If you combine the JBL LED SOLAR NATUR with the JBL LED SOLAR EFFECT, you'll attain a colour temperature of 7800 Kelvin. Lengths: the lengths stated (e.g. 22 W = 43.8 cm) refer to the fluorescent tube you are replacing.
Length of lamp: 22 W/38.3 cm; 24 W/49.5 cm; 37 W/68.7 cm; 44 W/79.5 cm; 57 W/99.2 cm; 59 W/109.5 cm; 68 W/139.5 cm
Length with plug-on holder suitable for: 22 W/45-70 cm; 24 W/55-80 cm; 37 W/75-100 cm; 44 W/85-110 cm; 57 W/105-130 cm; 59 W/115-140 cm; 68 W/145-170 cm
General calculation of lamp length: Stated length e.g. for 44 W 849 mm incl. retrofit adapters for the replacement of fluorescent tubes, minus adapter lengths (always the same): -50 mm -5 mm= 794 mm real lamp length.
JBL Specification
Gross Weight 1505 g g
Net Weight 1289 g g
Packaging Dimensions (L X H X W) 80/550/112 mm
For Animal Species European Tortoises, Tropical Tortoises, Terrapins, Tropical Terrapins, Turtles, Tetras, Barbels, Danionins, Livebearers, Cichlids - Small “Predators”, Cichlids - Algae Eaters, Cichlids - Large “Predators”, Labyrinth Fish, Goldfish, Veiltails, Catfish, Loaches, Blowfish, Spiny eels & Reedfish, Butterflyfish & Panchaxes, Killifish & Rainbowfish, Juvenile Fish, Silver arowana, Axolotl, Shrimps and dwarf crayfish, Discus fish, Marine fish, Corals, Crustaceans, Guppy, fighting fish, Flowerhorn cichlids, shrimps, cichlids: angelfish, discus, snails, feeder insects, anolis species, basilisks, green water dragons, day geckos, red-footed tortoises, green iguanas, turquoise dwarf geckos, Asian box turtles, red-eared sliders, flap-necked chameleon, Axolotl (cool waters), newts (cool waters), red-eyed leaf frogs, poison dart frogs, dyeing dart frogs, Australian green tree frogs, tree pythons, ball pythons, corn snakes, tarantulas, scorpions, ghost insects, praying mantises, tree frogs, leopard geckos, pacman frogs, desert geckos, house geckos, boa constrictors, king snakes, tokay geckos, fat-tailed scorpions, California rock lizards, collared lizards, club tail iguana, leopard tortoises, bearded dragons, spiny-tailed lizards, colonist agamas, black agamas, frill-necked lizards, chalcides, Clawed frogs
For Animal Size For all animal sizes
Animal Age Group All aquarium and terrarium animals
Volume Habitat 55-80cm (90-130L)
Material Aluminium profile, light emitting diodes, power supply
Colour silver
Has this tank got a separate power plug for the lighting?

Yes it has. You will require three power plugs for this aquarium.

One for the light unit, one for the heater and one for the filter pump.

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