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JBL pH-Plus 100ml

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To adapt the pH value and the carbonate hardness to the needs of the fish and invertebrates in fresh and marine water aquariums
  • Rapidly raises and stabilises the pH value by increasing the carbonate hardness (KH)
  • Use in freshwater: can be used as often as needed to raise the carbonate hardness in too soft water to the desired value. Maximal increase of the pH value to 8.5
  • Use in saltwater: adjusts the carbonate hardness to the natural ocean value of 10 to 12 °d KH and thus adjusts the required pH value of 8.0 to 8.4
  • Package contents: 1 bottle pH/KH booster. To use 10 ml/40 l water. Results in an increase of approximately 1° dKH and a stable pH value
Nature at Home – Home for Fish and PlantsFish need to be as comfortable in the aquarium as they are in the wild. Water dwellers have adapted to the acidity (pH value) of their natural habitat and need to find similar conditions in the aquarium. The wrong pH value not only means stress for the aquarium dwellers but it also can be a cause of disease or reduction in lifespan. JBL water conditioners decrease or increase the pH level and make the water ideally suited to the requirements of the fish once more. Benefits of the JBL water conditionersRaise the pH value fast, stabilise by increasing the carbonate hardness. Water chemistry for experts:The carbonate hardness (KH) contains bicarbonates (HCO3)2, which stabilise the pH value. If the KH is too low, the pH value fluctuates strongly and is lowest in the morning. In the course of the day it rises and falls again overnight. Since the pH value is a logarithmic value, a decrease from, let's say, 8 to 6 overnight means a hundredfold increase of the acid concentration! The carbonate hardness pulls down too high pH values or pulls up too low pH values and keeps it stable. This prevents too strong fluctuations. In freshwater aquariums the KH should never be below 5 °dKH. Only in Tanganyika and Malawi aquariums is it good when it's higher. The marine water aquarium should have a KH between 7 and 12 °dKH, so that a pH value of 8-8.4 is adjusted automatically. Higher KH values make little sense and often lead to the problem of calcium precipitation. As JBL pH-Plus is based on sodium hydrogen carbonates and would permanently supply bicarbonate but no calcium in marine water aquariums, we recommend JBl CalciuMarin, which supplies both calcium and bicarbonate, for regular KH increase and pH stabilisation in those aquariums.

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JBL Specification
Content 100 ml
Volume Packaging 0.23 l
Gross Weight 124 g
Net Weight 100 g
Packaging Dimensions (L X H X W) 30/125/60 mm
For Animal Species Terrapins, Tropical Terrapins, Turtles, Tetras, Barbels, Danionins, Livebearers, Cichlids - Small “Predators”, Cichlids - Algae Eaters, Cichlids - Large “Predators”, Labyrinth Fish, Goldfish, Veiltails, Catfish, Loaches, Blowfish, Spiny eels & Reedfish, Butterflyfish & Panchaxes, Killifish & Rainbowfish, Juvenile Fish, Silver arowana, Axolotl, Shrimps and dwarf crayfish, Discus fish, Marine fish, Corals, Crustaceans, Guppy, fighting fish, Flowerhorn cichlids, shrimps, cichlids: angelfish, discus, snails, molluscs, Axolotl (cool waters), newts (cool waters)
For Animal Size For all animal sizes
Animal Age Group All aquarium fish
Volume Habitat 400L
Material Distilled water, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate (anhydrous), tetraboric acid, sodium salt, ethanol, bromothymol blue
Colour blue
Dosage 10 ml per 40 l water for total water volume
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