Cash for Kids + Lincs FM

John Marshall Joseph Begley, Rob Hammond – Lincs FM Radio Presenters.

Over the last few months, we here at Lincs Aquatics have worked very closely with the team at Lincs FM helping with their Cash for Kids charity. On the 27th of May was the Cash for Kids day, with the ultimate aim to raise as much money as possible for the charity.

To help raise the money, the presenters were set a mystery challenge. They were dropped off in mystery locations around Boston and were told to make their way to Boston Stump using no GPS, Google or vehicles.

Here at Lincs Aquatics, we had the fun job of driving them to their secret locations!

Once the presenters were dropped off, our van then went to the finishing point and was there waiting for them to cross the finish line.

Lincs FM Team at Boston Stump.

It has been a real pleasure in working with Lincs FM, again! We here at Lincs Aquatics will do all we can to help raise essential funds that will help local kids in our area. You can still donate! Click Here!

The cost of living is rising. Families across our area are struggling in these difficult times, with many facing the unimaginable choice of whether to heat their homes or buy enough food to eat.

If you’re able to please donate or help to fundraise for Cash for Kids!

100% will be used to support young lives across our area, providing emergency grants for the families that need help the most.

With your help, we’ll ensure they have essentials for their kids like food, heating, electricity, and toiletries.

These might not seem like much, but they’re so important and show that someone cares.

Previous Work with Lincs FM:

Christmas 2021 – Our delivery team went all over the Lincs FM region to collect the toys that had been donated at a local drop off points. We then stored them in our warehouse till they needed to be dropped off at the main depot!

Spring 2022 – We helped to collect donated clothes from local schools, and stored them at our warehouse ready for them to pick up!

2022 – We have chosen Cash for kids to be our charity partner for the year, with the aim to raise as much money as possible!

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