Top 5 Aquarium Brands In The Uk

Aquariums are great fun, but they also require a lot of maintenance. Here are some of the Top 5 Aquarium Brands to consider when choosing an aquarium.


Fluval is a world leader in quality aquatic products. For over 30 years, it has earned the trust of fish-hobbyists by making innovative products that deliver many valuable benefits. Fluval has earned a global reputation for excellence in product innovation and dependability.


OASE has always had a passion for water and for aquatic environments and design that meet the highest possible standards of technical precision, since 1949. Oase are designer by trade and composers at heart, both when it comes to creating fascinating water scenes in gardens and aquariums and in the field of the professional fountain and water technology. 


For more than 50 years JUWEL Aquarium has been synonymous with quality and innovation in aquarium manufacturing and is thus setting standards in design and technology. Emphasis was placed on the concept of a system right from the start. They, therefore, developed the technology required for the successful operation of an aquarium from early on and their first brand was able to offer a range of aquariums with components that are all perfectly compatible with each other.

Aqua One

The brand was launched in the UK in 2004 and was quickly established as a major player in the UK aquatic trade. In 2020, sixteen years on, the company is continuing with the same principles as in the founding years: to continuously innovate and always be ahead of the competition with aquariums and accessories that enhance the end user’s fishkeeping experience, whilst delivering exceptional value for money.

Red Sea

Red Sea’s vision has been to create a world in which marine and reef aquariums are the aquariums of choice for all hobbyists. This passion has guided the company throughout its product development and design. Red Sea is committed to providing complete reef solutions, allowing hobbyists like you, to focus on the beauty of your reef inhabitants rather than worry about water chemistry or the suitability and compatibility of aquarium equipment.

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