You have just ordered your new Aquarium, whats next?

Buying an aquarium online can be a worry! But don’t panic, we are the experts in getting your new aquarium to your door!

When you order an aquarium from us, it will be sent out in one of two ways.

  1. Own Delivery.
    This is our prefered method, as our own delivery team will drop your new aquarium at your door. We are the only people to handle your aquarium, this means there are fewer chances it will get damaged en route to you!
  2. TPN (The Pallet Network).
    This is where your new aquarium is palleted up and sent out on TPN. This is how most aquatic companies send aquariums out, but the issue is that it could get damaged en route, with it being glass.

Please make sure you follow our checklist below. This will help us to get it resolved as quickly as possible if anything does happen!

If you do experience any issues with your aquarium, make sure you contact us as soon as possible! Pictures and videos are massive help! So take as many as possible, and send them over!

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